Physical Security and Lockpicking

FA2023 Week 09

physical security
Emma Hartman
Sam Ruggerio
MSEB 100


We will be teaching the art of lockpicking through hands-on activities! We will provide locks and lockpicks, but feel free to bring your own! We highly recommend coming to this meeting in-person.


  • Due to a location conflict we will be in Material Sciences and Engineering Building room 100 instead of our usual location of Siebel CS room 1404.
  • To ensure that people do not take our locks and lockpicks, we will be requiring a checkout system at the meeting with your iCard. Please bring your iCard if you would like to pick locks!
  • Do not apply any of the skills you may learn in our lockpicking meetings to real locks without explicit permission. We are providing this meeting for educational purposes and will not be responsible for anything you may do.