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Come learn cybersecurity with 2000+ students, alumni, and professionals in our Discord server.

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SIGPwny members gather for a web hacking meeting

How to Get Involved


Attending our weekly meetings is the easiest way to learn security and meet others! Watch past meetings and find upcoming meetings here.


We play in cybersecurity competitions known as CTFs (capture the flag). Collaborating as a team lets us learn from each other and have fun!


We have connections with professors and graduate students at SPR@I. We also support individual projects run by our members.

SIGPwny is open to all - there are no member applications, mandatory meetings, or even prerequisite knowledge needed.

Beginner Topics

Learn the fundamental skills to quickly get into hacking and more advanced topics!

FAQ / Get Involved

Interested in learning more about the club? Want to get involved? Check out our FAQ or reach out to a helper on Discord!