Coming Soon: Fall CTF 2022

Fall CTF is a 6 hour hacking event for UIUC students hosted by SIGPwny. The event is open to all students of all majors and backgrounds and is targeted towards beginners! There will be a series of cybersecurity related challenges including web hacking, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, and cryptography. Join with a friend for teams of up to 2 people. There will be free pizza, companies looking to recruit, and prizes. Come learn and have fun with us!

The event will be September 24th at the Campus Instructional Facility in room 1404.

More information!

We're a student-run interest group and CTF team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign focused on information security. All are welcome! We have a strong focus on kind and collaborative learning, because we believe that it's the most fun to be excellent to each other.

We host weekly public meetings on low-barrier-of-entry security topics that are focused on collaborative learning and friendly environments. In addition, we run weekly seminars weekly for more in-depth exploration in topics like embedded device security, penetration testing, and fuzzing research. We're proudest of our library of recorded meetings.

Every year, we run UIUCTF, a capture the flag competition with ~2000 attendees and ~$5,000-10,000 in prizes. We hope you'll join us for the next one!

While we regularly place in CTF competitions, we're a multidisciplinary club with students from many different majors. This gives us a competitive edge that can't be beat!

SIGPwny is mentored by Kirill Levchenko. We used to work extensively with Michael Bailey's Network Security Research Group, but then Professor Bailey left to found Georgia Tech's School of Cybersecurity and Privacy. We miss him every day!

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We live online in Discord. Join us there to get started!

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