Double CTF! BuckeyeCTF 2023 + MapleCTF 2023

FA2023 Week 05

Siebel CS 2405

We will be playing BOTH BuckeyeCTF 2023 and MapleCTF 2023! These CTFs start and end at the same time - we will be meeting over the weekend in Siebel to play.

  • BuckeyeCTF 2023 is organized by The Ohio State University. We expect the difficulty to be more beginner-friendly. We will be participating in the Undergraduate division, so graduate students won't be able to participate in BuckeyeCTF.
  • MapleCTF 2023 is organized by the University of British Columbia. We expect the difficulty to be more advanced and invite our graduate student members to help!

Playing a double CTF will be a new experience for us, and we invite everyone to participate so we can learn how to organize things best. We will be using a sliding scale focus to determine which CTF to prioritize, meaning we will frequently announce which CTF needs more attention based on our performance!

If you would like to participate, make sure to use the /ctf optin command on Discord. We will also announce Siebel room locations on Discord.