Workshop with Caesar Creek Software

FA2023 Week 09

Caesar Creek Software
Siebel CS 2405


We will be hosting a workshop with Caesar Creek Software! Two engineers from Caesar Creek Software, Luke Giannoutsos and Luke Burnett, will be at our workshop. They will share what it’s like to work as Software Engineers in a Cybersecurity company. They will also have an exciting demo of one of past intern projects to share. Pizza will be provided!

About Caesar Creek Software: Caesar Creek Software works with various government agencies to perform cyber research into major operating system platforms, software security products, personal computers, cell phones, and networking equipment. We specialize in offensive information operations, reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and exploit development. We have a robust Internal Research and Development program that lets us do cool stuff on our own. If it has a processor, we love taking it apart to see what makes it tick. Our company motto: "We void warranties!"

Company Website: