Event Description

UIUCTF 2023 was themed after Windows 95 and featured a fully interactive desktop environment as the CTFd theme.

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This event would not be possible without the support of our sponsors!

Winning Writeups

For UIUCTF 2023 we paid out $1,500 in writeup prizes. We prioritize concise technical communication and writeups that are fun to read and learn from, including those written from/for the perspective of beginners. Here are all writeups that won.

adminplzTCP1P - dimas
adminplzRubi di Cubrik
At Homeb01lers
ChainmailKnightSec - knittingirl
Corny KernelTCP1P - daffainfo
Corny KernelMr.SoloDolo - kidCuda
crack_the_safePSDLN - Pseudoleon
Fast Calculator (Battelle)Project Sekai - sahuang
Fast Calculator (Battelle)cat :flag_kr: - snwo
Fast Calculator (Battelle)Kalmarunionen - shalaamum
Fast Calculator (Battelle)b01lers
Finding Artifacts SuiteDrift2Win - CrimzDG
Finding Jonah SuiteDavidpb - Davidpb
Finding Jonah SuiteGCC
geoguesserl3ak - GoodNoodles
Group Project + Group ProjectionTCP1P - banua
Group Project + Group ProjectionCyberSpace - ctfguy
Mock KernelMaple Bacon - nneonneo
Morphing TimeARESx
Morphing Timeb01lers
peanut-xssRubi Di Cubrik
Rattler Readdecipher - /dev/ur4ndom
Rattler ReadRadboud Institute of Pwning - Areca
Schrodinger's CatAresX - flocto
Schrodinger's CatMaple Bacon
Three-Time PadL3ak - Matthias
Tornado WarningRUSEC - ContronThePanda
vimjail Suitesolooo - pjg1
VirophageProject Sekai
vmwhere SuiteNorske N√łkkelsnikere - jole
Zapping a Setuid 1Zer0Tolerance
Zapping a Setuid 2mHACKeroni - Chino