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UIUCTF 2021's theme was "Futuristic Art Deco" and "Roaring 20's."

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This event would not be possible without the support of our sponsors!


For UIUCTF 2021 we paid out $2,000 in writeup prizes. We were inspired by GoogleCTF’s writeup prizes. We prioritize concise technical communication and writeups that are fun to read and learn from, including those written from/for the perspective of beginners. Here are the writeups that won.

baby_pythonnatem135 - IrisSec
baby_python_fixedEth007 - TeamlessCTF
baby_python_fixedvwfhoqufqijnof - IrisSec
back_to_basicszeyu2001 - Social Engineering Experts
beyond_rootmagnum - magnum
buy_buy_buyFIREPONY57 - TeamlessCTF
capture the :flag:skat - IrisSec
Constructive CriticizmBlupper - Hackerscrew
dhke_adventureNecron3574 - Cryptonite
emotesLegoclones - BYU Cyberia
feedback_surveyBasmatiRice - RiceGang
gatekeepingCSN3RD - CSN3RD
Gonnectionsnobodyisnobody - RootMeUpBeforeYouGoGo
hvhpgs{synt}Fawl - Social Engineering Experts
Insecure Seccompvolticks - Zh3er0
OSINT 1 and 8Legoclones - BYU Cyberia
OSINT Suiteniche - niche
pawnfishPwN_3v3rY7h1nG - PwN_3v3rY7h1nG
phpfuck_fixedch13 - ohm
pluginnot_really - IrisSec
ponydbzeyu2001 - Social Engineering Experts
pow_erfulzeyu2001, TheMythologist, Angmar (me), Fawl, rainbowpigeon, seabass, lim_yj - Social Engineering Experts
pwn_warmupdownbtn - down_button
pwnies_pleasezeyu2001 - Social Engineering Experts
pwnies_pleasesera - IrisSec
Pwny OS SequenceBrownRice - RiceGang
q-orious transmissionsPolymero - K3RN3L4RMY
ropfuscatedredoste - ECSC Team France
ropfuscatedb05902008@csie.ntu.edu.tw - None
speakeasynot_really - IrisSec
SUPERLouis - SoloQ
Tablet Seriesskat - IrisSec
TediousLegoclones - BYU Cyberia
TediousFawl - Social Engineering Experts
toobeetooteeLouis - SoloQ
vaudevillePwN_3v3rY7h1nG - PwN_3v3rY7h1nG
wasmbabyLegoclones - BYU Cyberia
wasmcloudsera - IrisSec
Welcome to UIUCTFFawl - Social Engineering Experts
yanaNeptunian - FireShell