SIGPwny Fall HACKathon 2021

  • Link to fall CTF:

  • Siebel Room 2405, 2407, and 2nd Floor Atrium.

    Saturday, October 23 2021, 12:00 - 18:00 CST

We are hosting a security HACKathon (6 hour long mini-CTF) to get students interested in Information Security!

There will be food and prizes!

Whether you know absolutely nothing, or are a CTF pro, we would love for you to come and learn from senior members and Experienced Security Engineers who can teach you the ropes or help you along your way.


Fill out this form! to register for the event! This will give us a rough count of who is showing up before they show up, you are also invited to just show up.

Rules and Information

Max Team Size Teams of Two! You are encouraged to pair up with someone. Your bracket will be the ceiling of your two experiences.
Split Brackets 2, Beginner and Advanced Bracket, determined by if participant has been to > 5 SIGPwny meetings, or has taken any of CS241, ECE391, CS461 (or equivalent), or at the discretion of the administrators
CTF Length 6 Hours, challenges will go live at 12 and will close at 6, at 6PM the challenges will be frozen and awards will be distributed
Dress Code There is no formal dress code, but a few people from companies be here, so dress casual but not too casual


Below is the schedule for this year. Slides may not be completely up to date, and are not representative of the final slides.

12:00pm Welcome & Rules
12:15pm Reverse Engineering
12:30pm PWN
2:00pm Web
2:15pm Crypto
4:00pm OSINT
4:15pm Forensics
6:00pm Award prizes, chat with engineers and senior members


  • 2 YubiKeys (5 NFC)
  • 2 YubiKeys (USB C)
  • 2 Home lab setup kits (Switches and Cables for a home lab)
  • 2 Hak5 USB Rubber Duckies
  • 2 CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Kits
  • 2 Lockpicking Kits
  • A lot of SIGPwny Stickers!


Got any questions? Join our discord for a quick response.

Additionally, you can contact us at:


Thank you to Synchrony for sponsoring this event!