SIGPwny Fall Recruiting CTF 2022

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  • Siebel Center for Computer Science

    September 24 2022

We are hosting a security CAPTURE THE FLAG competition to get students interested in cybersecurity and SIGPwny! Meet other SIGPwny members and get a head start on our internal CTF!

There will be food and prizes!

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  • Whether you know absolutely nothing, or are a CTF pro, we would love for you to come and learn from senior members and Experienced Security Engineers who can teach you the ropes or help you along your way.

Rules and Information

Max Team Size Teams of Two! You are encouraged to pair up with someone. Your bracket will be the ceiling of your two experiences.
Brackets 2, Beginner and Advanced Bracket, determined by if participant has been to > 5 SIGPwny meetings, or has taken any of CS241, ECE391, CS461 (or equivalent), or at the discretion of the administrators
CTF Length 6 Hours, challenges will go live at 12 and will close at 6, at 6PM the challenges will be frozen and awards will be distributed

Training Materials


  • TBD


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