r2 and tmux



Demonstrate r2 and tmux, a disassembler tool and multitasking tool.

Topics Covered:

  • reversing
  • r2
  • tmux

How to Run this meeting:

  • Go through the slides until slide 3, help everyone who isnt on the pwny server onto the pwny server
  • Once they are in, help them get r2 setup, and slowly go through how2re
  • Once the new members are done with how2re, direct them to bandit


Here’s a useful link that details how to get into graph mode.

This meeting will cover some basics of r2 and tmux. r2 is a reverse engineering tool that enables us to do analysis on programs. This is essential for reverse engineering. tmux is a great way to run terminal windows in the background, run multiple windows at once, and more!