Intro to Unix and Command line

Author: Isaac Warren



Learn the basics of Unix and command lines.

Topics Covered:

  • Unix refers to a group of operating systems that are focused on doing one thing and doing it well.
  • A command line can be thought of as a file manager with a bunch of extra features.
  • Wargames can be a great way to learn.

How to Run this meeting:

  • In email, ask people to set up a shell.
  • Ask the presenter to solve the first 5 levels of Bandit ahead of time.
  • Walk around and help people set up shells.
  • Have the presenter slowly solve the first 5 levels up on the projector.


Being comfortable with the UNIX command line is an essential skill for CTF’s and other security activities. The best way to learn the command line is to use it. A great place to try a CTF and learn the command line is Warning, some of the later levels (20+) can be broken sometimes.

Here are some other useful resources: