Intro Meeting

Author: Ian Klatzco

Slides Required Files


Learn about what a security club is, and what SIGPwny is.

Topics Covered:

  • SIGPwny meetings will always be 15m of presentation, and 45m of interactive activity.
  • Discussed what to expect out of this security club, and what you can learn / where you can go (jobs, research opportunities, internships)
  • Played sigpwnyCTF with prepared challenges.


For this meeting, we set up and run our internal CTF (running CTFd on a DigitalOcean server, can be migrated to our own server when it’s up) ahead of time. We described what the club is, along with our goals for the semester, and our promise to have meetings be hands-on and well-guided. We promised to not waste attendees’ time, with a strict 15m talking / 45m doing constraint.