Intro to Cryptography

Author: Trevor Moyer



Learn about the various areas of cryptography and teach the fundamentals of crypto

Topics Covered:

  • 3 key facets of crypto: authenticity, integrity, availability
  • 2 sectors of crypto: theoretical and practical
  • Assymetric crypto (public/private keys), symmetric (AES/DES)
  • Basic network protocols and why they are important
  • Basic math behind some of the main cryptographic schemes, such as RSA

How to Run this meeting:

  • Send an email to tell people to prepare a coding environment of some sort, python is probably the easiest and most useful
  • Run through the slides
  • If needed, go over the basics of python if a majority of people are unfamiliar
  • Instruct and help people to complete the intro to crypto CTF challenges, start with (
  • Slowly solve each challenge on the projector as the meeting progresses


Cryptography has become integral to modern society. In a time where more and more people are trying to steal our data, cryptograpy has become more important. It is great to understand the underlying math behind some of the cryptography algorithms and the general thought process behind encryption/decryption. This meeting hopes to introduce some of the basic encryption schemes and help people get accustomed to using a programming language, such as Python, to solve practical challenges.