Game Hacking with Ravi and Chris

Author: RaviChris

Slides Required Files


Learn how to hack games through various CTF challenges and a presentation.

Topics Covered:

  • game hacking
  • binary exploitation

How to Run this meeting:

  • Make sure people download cheat engine.
  • Set up Game (in this case Assult Cube) for Windows and Mac (make sure exploits are working on both versions) and distribute to members.
  • Set up related CTF problems.


Game Hacking

This meeting is about hacking games. We will be using an FPS Game to demonstrate so bring your mouse in order to make playing the game easier! Make sure to download Cheat Engine for this meeting. As of now, the buffer overflow attack and format string attack only are supported on the Mac binary. Note: MacOS plans to discontinue support for 32 bit apps. In the future, AssaultCube will not work on Macs. Also, the health challenge needs to be fixed.