Author: Joshua Park

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Learn to use DynamoRIO to low-level CTF challenges and analyze binaries

Topics Covered:

  • binary exploitation
  • reversing

How to Run this meeting:

  • Make sure people have access to the vm or have DynamoRIO installed on their local machine.
  • Go through the basics of how DynamoRIO works and a brief rundown of how to use the API.
  • Introduce the first challenge and let the members work on them. After about 5-10 minutes or so walk through how to solve the it. Repeat for all the challenges.


This weeks meeting is covering a useful API called DynamoRIO. It’s used to manipulate code at runtime and can be helpful for many CTF challenges as well as for analyzing binaries in various instruction architectures including IA-32, AMD64, ARM, and AArch64. Make sure you have access to the VM in order to use the library or download it on your local machine at the DynamoRIO website. If decide to download it, try to get helloworld.c working with DynamoRIO to make sure it’s working.