Week 4: Crypto I Meeting

Author: Husnain R, Anakin, Nebu, Heassam, Pranav

Slides Required Files


This meeting is meant to teach XSS and SQL

Topics Covered:

  • Crypto Fundamentals
  • Encoding
  • Symetric and Asymmetric Key encryption
  • Ceasar Cipher, Old Ciphers
  • XOR
  • AES (Symmetric Key)
  • RSA (Asymmetric Key)

How to Run this meeting:

  • Go through the slides, this meeting is designed to be a 15-45 meeting
  • Do some of the basic demos (cards, RPS)
  • Help people solve challenges should they need it. Especially ceasar cipher and basic XOr


Tonight is Crypto, this will teach you crypto fundamentals. We will cover Encoding, the two main different forms of encryption, History of Ciphers, XOR cipher, easy AES and RSA!