Week 1: SIGPwny Tutorial Meeting

Author: Thomas Quig



This meeteing is a combo of 00-infosession and 00-tutorial

Topics Covered:

  • Terminal
  • WSL
  • Command line
  • Introductions
  • SIGPwny as a group
  • CTFs
  • Opportunities

How to Run this meeting:

  • Just go through the slides, take breaks when neccesary. This meeting will not be in the 15/45 format
  • Help everyone get access to a linux/unix terminal. Wether it be Ubuntu, Mac, or WSL
  • Help everyone with the netcat challenge, get them into bandit
  • Teach everyone about SIGPwny as a club, the opportunities we have, the 5 major topics of security, etc.


Tonight is our introduction and tutorial meeting! We will be talking about what SIGPwny is, how SIGPwny works, and how to get started with hacking/cybersecurity!