2019 Intro To Web Hacking With Ankur

Author: Ankur Sundara



Teach students the basics of CRSF, XSS, and SQL attacks. Additionally, teach the teminology regarding basic web dev

Topics Covered:

  • CRSF
  • XSS
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • Web

How to Run this meeting:

  • I dont know
  • I need to get this information from Ankur
  • Bother Ankur or Thomas in the sigpwny discord for info on how to run it


Tonight we will be doing a web presentation! We are going to learn about 3 forms of web attacks and how to prevent against them. We will also learn about some of the basic web teminology, such as HTTPS, DNS, GET/POST requests. Simpler link is here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15YxJdcP99bn6sWzfqfh8LoZ-FrxWrkkWjol2FZXUECU/