2019 R2/TMUX/VIM With Thomas

Author: Thomas Quig



Demonstrate r2 and tmux, a disassembler tool and multitasking tool. Brief Introduction to Vim

Topics Covered:

  • r2
  • tmux
  • vim

How to Run this meeting:

  • Introduce everyone to r2, show them how2re and how to get to the visual mode of R2. Remember, its r2 , V, p, df, V
  • Show everyone tmux, talk about its ability to detatch sessions, split panes, have tabs, and share screens. Do Hollywood
  • Show everyone what vim is QUICKLY, show them how to exit vim, jump to lines, new tabs, edit your VIMRC


Tonights meeting will be about three important tools related to hacking and development. We will be covering the disassembler r2, the application tmux, and the text editor vim. All of these work within command line, so access to command line is neccesary.